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Why businesses are embracing the recruitment revolution

Lorna Davidson, CEO of RedWigWam

The recruitment industry is experiencing a seismic shift in how it operates, for the benefit of both businesses and workers throughout the UK.

Traditionally, the temporary and flexible work market has been managed via job boards and agencies, all doing the same thing, with no added value. For many years the market had a bad reputation, with staff failing to turn up, and when they did show up, not being dressed correctly or having the right skills or attitude. We knew things had to change – recruitment needed to be done better, and faster.

Across the UK, businesses spend £28.7bn on temps, and the changes in the marketplace mean this is going to increase. There are 7m people in the UK who work in temporary jobs, and 5m of them aren’t looking for a full-time job. Temporary, part-time and flexible work suits them because it fits in with their lifestyle. Temporary staff are now being seen as an asset to businesses, not a hindrance.

They are a way for employers to quickly fill gaps in their workforce at certain times of the year, during busy periods or when they need specialist expertise for a particular project. When businesses require temporary staff, they’re likely to need them as soon as possible. A busy employer can’t afford to wait for days or even weeks for an urgent role to be filled – or worse, for that position to go unfilled.

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