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Morson signs Inclusive Culture Pledge

Morson Group has become the latest organisation to sign EW Group’s ‘Inclusive Culture Pledge’ to promote and enhance diversity and inclusive cultures in the workplace.

The initiative from the diversity consultancy requires organisations to focus on and develop in five areas during 2018: Leadership, people, data, brand and future; in order to create a stronger working environment where diversity and inclusivity is prioritised and empowered.

The Morson Group has already introduced a number of initiatives to reinforce its position as a diversity and inclusivity leader within engineering and recruitment.

Recognising the lack of female representation in technical sectors, the group has pledged to double the number of female engineering contractors it employs by 2020. Currently, its technical recruitment arm, Morson International, has more than 1,400 (13.9%) female contractors employed in various roles throughout the globe, compared to 10,550 males. Yet specifically in engineering, the number of females versus males sits at just 7.5%.

Unconscious bias training is changing the way its roles are advertised in order to attract diverse talent from around the globe. Blind auditioning is also helping to eliminate gender, racial and age-related bias. Demographic factors, such as name, gender and age, are removed from candidate profiles, so that clients solely focus on qualifications, ability and experience.

Operations director for the Morson Group, Adrian Adair, explained, “It’s so easy for bias to trickle into the selection process and introducing new recruitment techniques ensures that skills and experience remain at the forefront of the decision making process.

“The language used within a job advert can also unconsciously create inequality and influence what candidates apply. Phrases like ‘strong and confident’ are considered male-dominant, whilst terms like ‘black, Asian and minority ethnic’ are only recognised in the UK.”

The Morson Group has also established a mentoring scheme for its rising stars, in order to develop the future boardroom and improve diversity at the top.

Adair added, “Maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace and workforce is part of our DNA and essential to our long-term competitiveness. We’ve already witnessed the benefits that this has brought to our business, such as increased productivity and fresh ideas, and we’re now focussing on helping our clients and partners to replicate these same achievements, especially those within male-dominated sectors or roles.

“We’re currently recruiting for several major projects, including Hinkley Point C and HS2, which will demand skills on a level that we’ve never seen before in the UK. Overlapping delivery schedules mean that we’ll be competing for skills within the same talent pool, showing the real importance of attracting a more diverse group of people to bridge these gaps.”

EW Group managing director, Rachael Wilson, stated, “We are immensely proud of the work we do with the Morson Group to contribute to developing their inclusive workplace. By signing up to the Inclusive Culture Pledge, Morson is making an internal and external commitment to become an even better place to work, an organisation to do business with, and a deliverer of great services.

“The Inclusive Culture Pledge will send a powerful message to customers, stakeholders and staff that diversity is now seen as business-critical, rather than simply a ‘nice to have’. In that sense they are absolutely operating at the forefront of their industry.”

Pictured: Morson's defence MRO team

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