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The Adecco Group completes share buyback programme

The Adecco Group has completed the EUR 300 million share buyback programme launched in March 2017. 


Under this share buyback programme, the Adecco Group repurchased 4,580,260 of its shares (equivalent to 2.68% of the share capital at the launch of the share buyback programme) via a second trading line on SIX Swiss Exchange. The average purchase price per share excluding commissions was CHF 73.83. 


The shareholders of Adecco Group AG will resolve on the reduction of share capital through cancellation of all 4,580,260 repurchased shares at the Annual General Meeting 2018.


As announced in the Adecco Group’s Q4 2017 results press release, the board of directors has decided to launch a new share buyback programme of up to EUR 150 million. Shares repurchased under the programme are also intended for subsequent cancellation, following shareholder approval.

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