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Demand for FP&A professionals up 17%, Global Accounting Network finds

Demand for financial planning & analysis specialists within commerce and industry increased by 17% between H1 2017 and H2 2017 as organisations seek to improve the quality and visibility of information available to them in an uncertain climate. That is according to data from Global Accounting Network.

This rise in vacancies can also be attributed to an explosion of available intelligence through big data analysis, which business leaders are keen to harness to gain competitive advantage.  

Adrian O’Connor, founding director of Global Accounting Network, said, “It is unsurprising that companies are increasingly wanting to arm themselves against future uncertainty, not least Brexit, by collating robust data to inform long-term financial strategy. And the availability of information which can be harnessed to identify key scenarios, and estimate the likely impacts, has never been greater.

“The digital revolution means that every organisation now has access to huge rafts of valuable intelligence. However, the key to unlocking the potential of this information to gain competitive advantage lies in the expertise of skilled FP&A talent.

“The professionals who excel in these roles must be comfortable working with a level of ambiguity which is at odds with traditional accountancy. The most successful FP&A experts have not only analytical capabilities, but also a high level of intellectual curiosity. They must have an ability to look beyond the numbers and see the big picture, to apply joined-up thinking to match what’s on the spreadsheet with wider observations and, crucially, communicate this to senior stakeholders.

“Those with a proven track record of providing detailed financial analysis and financial modelling are particularly sought after, as are those with solid experience of designing and creating revenue generation and job costing reporting systems which inform key business decisions.”

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