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Randstad becomes member of World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Randstad has joined almost 200 other forward-thinking companies at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

Randstad’s CEO, Jacques van den Broek, stated, “We are excited to join WBCSD and look forward to exploring innovative sustainable development solutions together, especially with regard to the future of work. In our commitment to working towards a sustainable and inclusive future, we continuously seek new ways to effectively shape the world of work for organizations to be competitive, agile and adaptable. Working collaboratively with WBCSD and its members, we are confident this can be achieved.”

WBCSD president and CEO, Peter Bakker, added, “The ongoing evolution of how we work, and its wider social, economic and political implications, has moved further and further towards the forefront of sustainability.

Business must take a proactive approach to managing this trend, collaborating closely with workers, government and other key stakeholders. WBCSD is leading this collaboration through a new project, The Future of Work, which we are currently scoping. I am delighted that Randstad has agreed to take a leading role in this new project, for which the engagement of HR services providers is essential. Randstad’s stated aim of touching 500 million people’s work lives by 2030 demonstrates the ambition that business will need to get ahead of this curve and guide its next steps. I am excited to work closely with Jacques and his team to scale up business leadership in this area.”

Randstad is WBCSD’s first member-company in the HR sector. It becomes WBCSD’s 86th member company that is headquartered in Europe, and its 15th with headquarters in the Netherlands.

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