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Supertemps MD celebrates 20th anniversary

Sarah Ellwood is celebrating 20 years with Supertemps. Elwood joined in the late 1990s, when the company ran from a dining room table at mum Dorothy's Llanddulas home.

After studying at the University of Northumbria and working in different sectors - including a marketing role with Procter and Gamble - Elwood decided to join her mum, and together they grew the business.

Llanddulas eventually stepped away from Supertemps in 2007, leaving Elwood to take the helm as managing director, opening new branches and divisions, and employing up to 20 staff. Supertemps went from one computer and phone line to a turnover of more than £2m, and is growing year-on-year.

"Everything was so different back then," said Elwood (pictured). "We had some big clients, especially along the coast, but communication was difficult - it was so archaic looking back.

"There was none of the social media or job boards or websites we have now, we would receive CVs in the post and often fax them through to clients, or drive over ourselves and give them in by hand.

"The 1990s does not feel like that long ago, but if you look at the technological advances we've made it's incredible to see how much things have changed."

The last three years have been the busiest for the company, with investment in a new construction division, the rebranding of executive and IT branch S2 Recruitment, and an increase in staff to cope with demand.

Elwood added, "Ultimately, I've been incredibly lucky and love working with such a great group of people in a wonderful part of the world.

"We deal with companies nationwide but our roots will always be here in North Wales.

"Supertemps was just my mum and I and a box of index cards. Now, it's a team of 17 and a database of more than 20,000 people.

"But while we've grown we will never lose our values or underestimate the importance of our clients and candidates to us - we are a people business after all."

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