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Upskilling important for 96% of professionals, Hays finds

96% of the professionals consider upskilling as ‘important’ or ‘very important’, 84% would not consider a role that lacked skills development and 47% wouldn’t join an organisation that didn’t offer formal training opportunities. That’s according to research carried out by Hays amongst 1,253 professionals and 951 employers.

For some, not receiving time off to attend seminars or conferences (34%), a lack of coaching (27%) or mentorships (24%) and not providing time off for university or TAFE studies (18%) are deal breakers. 64% said they were more likely to join and stay with an organisation that uses the latest technology.

In contrast, 77% of the employers Hays surveyed said they were more likely to shortlist a qualified candidate who regularly upskills themselves and 59% actively encourage employees to become self-directed learners.

Nick Deligiannis, managing director of Hays in Australia & New Zealand, said, “There’s a push-pull between employers and employees when it comes to upskilling.

“Today’s jobseekers are far more likely to judge a potential job role on how well it will position them for career longevity. Given how quickly technology changes, the challenge is to stay employable by keeping skills relevant. Employers that provide on-the-job training are therefore becoming very attractive to jobseekers.

“With highly-skilled professionals in demand, it could be that bosses who ensure their employees’ continuing learning will gain the upper hand in securing top talent.”

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