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Hays partners with online community for developers

Hays has partnered with Stack Overflow, an online community for developers. 

The partnership will allow Hays to provide job opportunities and share employment insights to Stack Overflow’s online community of developers.

Steve Weston, Hays chief information officer, said, “We are pleased to be able to announce this partnership and we are especially excited to be helping Stack Overflow’s large community of developers to enhance their careers, by providing them with relevant job opportunities and helpful advice on the employment market.”

Stack Overflow provides developers with the opportunity to learn, share their knowledge and build their careers, and receives more than 50 million visits from programmers each month. According to the recently released Global Developer Hiring Landscape Report, over 90% of developers are employed at least part-time, while 22% changed jobs between one and two years ago, highlighting the demand for the profession and its significance towards driving the future of the global economy.

Sean Bave, general manager and vice president of Stack Overflow Talent, commented, "The tech recruitment market is experiencing unprecedented growth, as more and more businesses start to realise the value the developer workforce can bring to their bottom line. It’s imperative for us to continue supporting developers in their career development, while helping connect them to recruiters and HR specialists. This is why we are excited to have Hays joining our partner network and we’re looking forward to what we can achieve together."

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