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Montreal Associates releases GDPR compliance videos

From May 25th there will be new regulations coming into effect around data privacy. To comply with these regulations, Montreal Associates (like most companies) has adjusted its privacy policy to provide its candidates with detailed information on how it uses and protects personal information, and their rights in relation to this.

The company also points out that in situations where it processes personal information for direct marketing purposes or in their legitimate interests, individuals have the right to object to their processing using the contact details found on their privacy policy.

To help train internally and to provide information in a clear and concise way, the company opted for video animations to help explain GDPR to its audience.

When it comes to video, viewers can retain up to 95% of a message, versus as little as 10% in text. The company is hoping that the bite-sized video content will encourage its audience to read and understand the updated privacy policy and what it means to them. This is why the company opted to create videos in both French and English to ensure GDPR was understood internally and externally.

The videos can be found using the following links:

Picture courtesy of Pixabay

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