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68% say AI shouldn’t replace recruiters, Korn Ferry survey highlights

As big data and artificial intelligence (AI) continue to transform the recruiting industry, a survey by Korn Ferry shows that professionals have less trust in AI than in human recruiters.

While nearly three quarters of those surveyed (72%) said AI should be used during the recruitment process, more than two-thirds (68%) said it wouldn’t be fair if AI alone chose who should be interviewed without the input of a human recruiter.

In addition, nearly half (41%) said they feel uncomfortable dealing with AI instead of a human recruiter as part of the process, and 76% said they trust AI less than a person to guide the job search process.

Matt Heckler, general manager of global client platform solutions at Korn Ferry, said, “AI, when coupled with machine learning, is an incredibly strong tool in the journey to source and select the most qualified candidates, but it’s just that, a ‘tool’.

“The best recruiters use big data and AI to free time by automating tasks such as sourcing. This gives the recruiter more time to focus on what matters: creating and filling roles that help organisations fulfill their strategic agenda.”

The top benefit of working with a recruiter, according to the survey, is the ability to build strong relationships. While 90% of respondents said technology cannot replace the human interaction required to recruit effectively, respondents did cite benefits of using AI in the recruiting process. When asked what they value most from AI being used in recruiting, 30% said it makes the process go faster; and a quarter believe it helps take bias out of the equation.

Heckler added, “As AI continues to become part of our everyday lives, we can expect to see an increase in the adoption and integration of this emerging technology to help talent acquisition professionals be even more efficient and effective.

“From freeing up time for strategic thought and relationship building to helping talent acquisition professionals better understand their markets, the intelligent use of technology provides an exciting path for the recruiter of the future.”

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