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74% of recruitment leaders expect skills shortages to increase, APSCo finds

Three quarters of recruitment leaders expect to see skills shortages within the sectors they operate increase over the next two years. That is according to the latest research from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo).

The findings, which are reported in the trade association’s 2018 Market Survey, also reveal this figure increases to 87% for highly skilled workers while almost half (47%) expect there to be a significant rise in skills shortages for graduates.

Roger Tweedy, director of communications at APSCo, said, “It’s no surprise that recruitment leaders today are anticipating further skills shortages over the next few years. Competitive job markets, coupled with growing demand for specialist skills, means we are seeing firms struggle to make the hires they need.

“This scarcity of skills is increasingly becoming a risk to business growth, and with Brexit on the horizon, there are widespread fears that access to talent could become even more squeezed. While employment trends seldom remain consistent, businesses must put measures in place to ensure they remain attractive to skilled talent to guarantee they can access the expertise needed to underpin growth and thrive. While there is no quick-fix to the challenge of sourcing the right skills long term, promoting an effective employer value proposition during recruitment and beyond is vital.”

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