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Contribute to RI's 'CSR in recruitment' Q&A feature

CSR in recruitment


In our October issue, we will be running a feature around your company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme.


We would like to gain an insight into how your company incorporates CSR into the business, by inviting you to answer one of the questions below in no more than 150 words.


What are the benefits of incorporating CSR into the company’s business plan?

How do you go about making CSR part of the business? (Should you expect any challenges along the way?)

What would your advice be to a recruitment company looking to start a CSR programme?

Who in the business should be driving the company’s CSR programme?

Why are more companies starting CSR programmes than ever before?

What was your company’s most recent CSR initiative?


Comments are free for recruitment agencies.


The deadline for this feature is 5pm on Monday 10th September. Answers must be objective, within the word limit and come from a senior employee at the business.


No answers will be confirmed as appearing in the feature until publication date. All submissions will be assessed after the deadline, and the final feature put together in the few days before publication. 


Contact Becky for more details. Call 01483 740874 or email:




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