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McGregor Boyall partners with OPERA

McGregor Boyall has partnered with The OPERA Global Youth Foundation (OPERA), a charity dedicated to supporting young, disadvantaged people into employment.

The OPERA Global Youth Foundation (OPERA) is the recruitment industry's youth employment foundation. Their mission is to unite recruiters in empowering young people to thrive in work.

Group people director, Lucy Frost, said, “A key objective of McGregor Boyall for 2018 is to expand our CSR activities, so we are delighted to be partnering with OPERA who are dedicated to tackling the issue of youth unemployment – something we are particularly passionate about as a business.”

Group CEO, Laurie Boyall, added, “The recruitment industry is in the perfect position to help tackle the very real issue of youth unemployment in the UK and we have a responsibility to do so whether that is through mentoring programmes, CV writing workshops, training on interview techniques, or through simply exposing young people to a real workplace environment.”

Esther O'Callaghan OBE, executive chair of The OPERA Global Youth Foundation, shared, "We're delighted that McGregor-Boyall are supporting OPERA. Nearly two and a half million young people in the UK will spend at least 6 months out of work and face the most fundamental barriers to employment, like not being able to pay for work clothes or their first month’s travel. Through fundraising and volunteering, recruiters are perfectly placed to support young people into employment.”

McGregor Boyall will be running a series of fundraising events over the next 12 months, as well as hosting various events such as World of Work days, focusing on practical skills to help with issues around employability.  To date OPERA's #thrivefund has supported over 500 young people into employment - 61% of whom identified as having a mental health issue and 55% a disability. Additionally, the fund has supported 18 young people who needed a bursary to pay for ID so they could start work.

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