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Tailored technology can provide better jobseeker experience, says ManpowerGroup Solutions

Technology can provide a better experience for today's jobseekers, provided it is tailored to candidates and combined with an in-person approach, finds new research from ManpowerGroup Solutions.

Global talent shortages have reached a 12-year high, with 45% of employers struggling to fill open positions. Skilled workers are in the driver's seat and employers need to work hard to find and attract candidates. To understand the experience people want when applying for new roles, ManpowerGroup surveyed 18,000 individuals aged 18-65 from 24 countries.

Kate Donovan, senior vice president of ManpowerGroup Solutions and global RPO president, commented, "We asked what candidates want from their job search and they told us they expect to find a job in the same way they consume other services, with a personalized, yet tech-centered approach.

"People are searching for jobs on multiple channels. To attract the very best candidates, employers should use algorithms and contextual re-targeting, which means using a candidate's browsing history and correlating this to career interests. A customized strategy is the only way to go, blending great technology and great personal experiences. This is what creates a stand out candidate experience."

The best organisations are using predictive algorithms to serve ads based on a user's browsing history and articles read. Personalizing ads to fit an individual's skills and interests leads to greater efficiency and accuracy. The report finds delivering a personalized and tailored message is key: 26% of candidates say in-person interviews are their number one choice of interaction with a new employer. When culture and purpose are key priorities for candidates in choosing their next role, the face-to-face meeting is as valuable as ever.

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