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Extrastaff Summer Conference 2018

The annual Extrastaff Summer Conference played out on a glorious July afternoon celebrating the company’s achievements over the past year and setting out the company’s strategy for the next 12 months. Extrastaff closed their 15 branches and diverted all calls for the conference and invited all staff to the Head Office located in St Albans for the day event and evening party. CEO Tim Millward and Managing Director Steve Hill showcased both individual successes and branch triumphs and awarded winners with a weekend getaway and holiday vouchers. Financial Director Gary Prince announced the introduction of Private Health Care which was celebrated by all attendees and highlights the company’s continual drive to providing the best benefits for its employees. The announcement of the private healthcare scheme was followed by an insightful speech from Dr Ranj Singh from Good Morning Britain about the importance of having a good work/life balance. Dr Singh’s speech complimented the company’s efforts over the past year in ensuring the mental health and well-being of all employees. The conference concluded at a local St Albans restaurant where the company celebrated their most successful year to date.

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