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IIC Partners elects global chair and board directors

IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide has appointed Todd Hohauser as global chair, and four new directors to its board.

Hohauser and the new board directors were elected during the IIC Partners’ AGM held earlier this month in Stockholm.

Hohauser has previously served on the IIC Partners board of directors as vice chair for the Americas region and was the leader of the Industrial Practice Group. He is currently the CEO of Harvey Hohauser & Associates located in Detroit. Hohauser was nominated to the role of chair by the membership in recognition of his passion for IIC Partners and his strong commitment to the executive search industry.

Hohauser commented, “It is exciting to sit in a room with this Board, each one an expert and leader in their practice and geography. For years, they have honed their abilities to serve their clients not only in their countries but around the globe. As the IIC Partners board of directors strives to support executive search in a variety of international markets, our clients can take comfort in the collaboration we will give them in the global talent war.”

Christine Hayward, executive director of IIC Partners, added, “We are fortunate to have a strong and committed team of Board Directors, led by our chair, Todd Hohauser. I am excited to be working with a group of such talented leaders who will help lead IIC Partners forward and provide guidance on key initiatives and strategies.”

Also during the 2018 AGM, four new directors were appointed to the IIC Partners board. Renee Baker Arrington was elected as director, Americas. Arrington is senior vice

president & director at Pearson Partners International located in Dallas. Arrington is frequently invited to speak on topics related to the role of the CIO, and this year was awarded the Association of Executive Search & Leadership Consultants (AESC) Commitment to the Community Award.

Jesus Castillo was elected as director, Americas. Castillo has previously served as a board director, and this is his second term on the IIC Partners board. Castillo is a partner at Contevenca in Venezuela and serves on the Americas Council of the AESC. Earlier this year, Castillo was recognised by the AESC and received the Award of Excellence.

Matthias Gerstlauer was elected as director, EMEA. Based in Luxembourg, Gerstlauer is a founding partner of Marlière & Gerstlauer Executive Search. Gerstlauer has a background as a management board member of a data processing provider and since 2008 he delivers executive search solutions through his own company for various business sectors in and around Luxembourg.

Conor McClafferty was appointed to the board as director, EMEA. McClafferty is a partner at MERC Partners based in Dublin where he focuses on executive and non-executive searches across industry, including financial services and technology. McClafferty has a background in strategic communications.

Three Board members were elected to the role of Vice Chair during the Stockholm AGM. Nairouz Bader was appointed as vice chair, EMEA, Sally Stetson was elected as vice chair, Americas and Anne Stuckey was confirmed by the membership as vice chair, Asia Pacific.

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