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Charity news 29.11.18

Red Eagle

The advantages of taking your dog to work are well documented. Bridging the gap for social connections, dogs can boost office moral, reduce stress and depression as well as lower blood pressure. Red Eagle were keen to 'give it a go', and decided to roll it into an own clothes day to help raise money for its charity, the Red Eagle Foundation.

Managing director, Wayne Hodgson, said, "This has always been on the cards and raising money for the charity made it the perfect opportunity. We raised £163 between our four offices, and with no whoopsies in sight, it was a fun day at the office."

LB Group

LB Group has completed a five day and 465km bike ride in India for Breast Cancer Care, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and Ovarian Cancer Action.

CEO, Lynis Bassett,  commented, “The sheer focus and strength of mind to to (sic) get through this cycle was huge, however I am sure a lot less that (sic) the strength required of woman facing cancer treatments. Many of the women on this trip shared some of those stories, they were stronger than me.

“It is hard to put into words what it feels like to be part of something like this. The woman (sic)that ride beside you who radiate simultaneously their vulnerability and strength. It is inspiring, it is uplifting, It is women together.”

At the final celebration dinner LB Group learned that the group had raised £320, 000 for the three charities. 

Returning to the boardroom, the company also announces it had completed the acquisition of Welcome TeacherHub.

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