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Wild Recruitment promotes engineering as career amidst skills shortages

Wild Recruitment is urging youngsters to consider a career in engineering because companies are crying out for them.

Michelle Stewart, managing director of Wild Recruitment in Portsmouth, said that last year’s opening of the University Technical College in the city is an important step. She wants more people to consider engineering because there has been steep growth in the number of jobs available.

With many high-profile companies in the defence, aerospace and other technical sectors in and around Portsmouth requiring staff, there are more career opportunities than ever before. These companies also rely on a local supply chain – often comprising small and medium sized businesses.

Stewart (pictured) said, “Recently we have seen a dramatic upturn in the number of workers required in engineering and technical roles.

“Companies are coming to us as they know we can supply workers – but with the number of jobs being created in the sector we are going to need a larger workforce.

“Already we’ve greatly increased the size of our engineering and technical staff supply and it is likely to grow further.

“The opening of UTC Portsmouth is important as it will educate more students and will encourage more to take this career route.”

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