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87% not using tech to help improve diversity, research finds

Despite human bias being the leading factor in lack of diversity in organisations, 87% of UK employers state that they do not employ any technology specifically designed for improving diversity.

According to research undertaken by Resource Solutions, more than half (55%) of employers in the UK say that increasing the diversity of their workforce is high on their priority list this year, with 75% of employers saying they measure or monitor the diversity of their staff.

The research piece entitled 10 Technologies to Help Build a More Diverse Workforce, surveyed human resources and talent acquisition leaders across the UK to discern the role that technology plays in attracting and engaging diverse talent.

Alongside employer sentiments, Resource Solutions highlights key technologies it has trialled that can help employers overcome deterrents to diversity.

Resource Solutions’ managing director, Norma Gillespie, said, “From artificial intelligence (AI) to blind CV screening, knowing which technologies are right for your organisation can prove tricky as new tools are increasingly coming into the fold.

“Our innovation team has uncovered and trialled select, key platforms to support our clients’ diversity and inclusion strategies.”

This research was conducted in partnership with the Employers’ Network for Equality and Inclusion (enei).  Denise Keating, CEO at enei, commented, “More and more organisations are utilising tools such as psychometric tests and video interviewing to create a fairer way to screen candidates in the recruitment process. However, it is important to ensure that whatever technology is used is coded correctly, with those operating the systems having received unconscious bias or other relevant training.”

Resource Solutions also discovered:

  • 89% of employers believe unconscious bias is very likely to impact recruitment decisions.
  • The majority of employers (99%) believe using inclusive language in job advertisements is effective when attracting a diverse range of candidates.
  • 58% of employers have a programme in place to recruit a diverse workforce. However, only 37% have a programme in place focused on retaining diverse talent. 
  • 43% of employers believe that the largest benefits of fostering an inclusive workforce is increased innovation and productivity.

Read the full research piece here

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