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Charity news 03.01.19

Perfect Placement


Perfect Placement has been part of a collective; Nelson’s Journey’s 20:Twenty. Twenty local companies raising money to support Nelson’s Journey in their vicennial year.


As a 20:20 collective, the companies exceeded its £20,000 target, raising well over £50,000.


In addition to this, the staff of Perfect Placement have donated their Secret Santa money to provide gifts for Nelson’s Journey.


This year Perfect Placement has replaced their Audio Equipment. Music Activity is pivotal to the work Nelson’s Journey do with bereaved children and young people. During this activity, they play a small section of a range of tracks of varying music styles and encourage children and young people to write down how each track makes them feel. There is usually a selection of happy, sombre, heavy metal, thoughtful music that is played. The children and young people begin to realise that they can influence their mood when at home by listening to different music styles; this, in turn, assists with the grieving process. Perfect Placement has also provided new soft furnishings which are used at Hilltop Activity Centre for therapeutic weekends and activity days; the ones they have currently are 20 years old.


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