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Consult Inhouse launches to support inhouse hiring teams

Consult Inhouse has been launched by Steve Lorde and Karl Chatterjee to challenge conventional agency and RPO models. Its mission is to empower inhouse teams to deliver best in class talent acquisition services and to do so by maintaining control rather than outsource to a third party.  

Hiring and retaining talent is increasingly seen as a top business priority by most organisations. Yet Consult Inhouse says many businesses, particularly small and medium sized enterprises, struggle to get the level of service they need from external service providers which can create resource gaps that hinder growth. Many SMEs would like to build more internal talent acquisition capability but knowing where to start or how to scale can be daunting. Consult Inhouse has been created to address gaps in the way agencies and RPO providers engage with SMEs and most importantly to enable these businesses to build their own high performance talent acquisition functions.

Founder and managing partner, Steve Lorde, explained, “Consult Inhouse exists to truly partner with internal HR talent acquisition teams to help create functions that optimise service delivery, candidate experience and value for money. Having worked in inhouse talent acquisition leadership roles for a number of years, I often needed external support to supplement my recruiter headcount while I was scaling my function but found it hard to find agency or RPO partners who could provide the consistently high level of service my business stakeholders expected. I worked with an RPO provider who did a very good job for one volume hiring campaign, but the following year service levels and candidate quality completely fell away as the provider changed their account team. The overall process and candidate journeys were completely different, and this isn’t what a business needs when they are aiming to build a strong employment brand. Many of my peers reported similar challenges and this led me to establish Consult Inhouse to provide expertise in areas such as direct sourcing, building future talent pipelines, diversity and inclusion and employer branding whilst ensuring they retain internal control of their recruitment functions.

“We build standardised and transparent models because they ensure everyone who touches the recruitment process from hiring managers, to candidates to budget owners know what is going on and what type of experience they will receive. The comprehensive business intelligence we provide ensures our service promises are backed up by fact based reporting. It can be an overused comparison, but we do believe that a good talent acquisition experience should be like going to McDonalds – consistent and in line with expectations every time”.

Co-founder and managing partner, Karl Chatterjee, added, “Our ethos is to build truly customised offerings for businesses we partner with. Off-the-shelf models don’t work for small and medium sized enterprises as their business needs are often very fluid, so they need external partners to offer agility and flexibility. In today’s economic climate cost control is crucial to small and mid-sized businesses and we guarantee that our solutions deliver savings. Having set-up businesses in the past I have first hand experience of the challenges that come with scaling and know how vital it is to be able to access talent in a way that meets your individual needs”.

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