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Charity news 12.03.19

Driver Hire

As part of its ongoing community support programme, Driver Hire is forging strong links with Dixons City Academy. Working with Tom Lorryman (Dixons City Academy head of careers), Driver Hire looked at how it could help students cope successfully with a major challenge they’ll all face sooner or later – finding a job.

Driver Hire’s Justine Turner said, “Whether you’re planning to leave school at 17, stay on for ‘A’ levels or are considering an apprenticeship, knowing what different jobs entail, putting together a professional CV with key information that will catch the attention of employers and knowing what to expect in a job interview are all essential tools for job seekers.”

Since the start of the educational year in September 2018, Driver Hire staff has:

  • Run a CV workshop for Year 11 students. By the end of the workshop students had put together a professional looking CV designed to attract the attention of potential employers.
  • Conducted mock interviews with 164 Year 11 students using the CVs previously prepared in the CV workshop. The intention was to make the interviews as realistic as possible with students wearing business dress for their ten minute interview. Feedback on the interview was provided by Driver Hire, highlighting the good and the not so good points.
  • Attended two careers fairs at the Academy alongside other local employers, giving Year 10 students the opportunity to find out more about working at Driver Hire.
  • Joined with other local employers to talk to Year 7 students about their job at Driver Hire, what it entails, and the skills you need as well as fielding questions from the students.

Turner added, “We’re now into our third year working with Dixons City Academy and it continues to be such a worthwhile experience for the students and our staff. Around 20 Driver Hire staff were involved this year, including several from our senior management team. All the students were a credit to their school. The Year 11 group who underwent interviews had clearly thought through the whole process and acquitted themselves really well.” 

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