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Contribute to RI's 'a year on from GDPR' Q&A feature

A year on from GDPR


In our May issue, we will be running a feature reflecting on changes since the introduction of GDPR last year.


We would like to gain an insight into your experience with GDPR, by inviting you to answer one of the questions below in no more than 150 words.


What impact has GDPR had on your business since its introduction last year?

What is the one biggest opportunity GDPR has provided your company with?

Have there been any challenges and how have you overcome these?

Who is responsible for your company’s GDPR? (has this changed since you first started preparing for the legislation?)

How have your staff adapted to the new legislation?

What has your company done since the introduction of GDPR to continue to have up-to-date data?


Comments are free for recruitment agencies, RPOs & MSPs, employers and HR tech providers.


The deadline for this feature is 5pm on Wednesday 10th April. Answers must be objective, within the word limit and come from a senior employee at the business.


No answers will be confirmed as appearing in the feature until publication date. All submissions will be assessed after the deadline, and the final feature put together in the few days before publication. 


Contact Becky for more details. Call 01483 740874 or email:



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