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Reduction of EU candidates major concern for 20% of recruiters, survey finds

In-house recruiters state Brexit’s potential impact on accessibility to candidates from the European Union (EU) is the biggest challenge facing the IT industry — that’s according to the results of Curo Talent’s most recent survey. IT Talent Acquisition; the recruiter's view 2019 examines the IT landscape from the perspective of in-house recruiters and hiring managers.

Regardless of the outcome of Brexit, the current uncertainty is damaging Britain’s reputation as the job’s factory of Europe. For the IT industry, which is already experiencing a severe lack of homegrown talent, fewer numbers of EU workers moving to Britain is causing further shortages.

According to the results of the survey, a reduction of EU candidates due to Brexit is the major for concern for those working in HR and recruitment departments. In fact, 20% of recruiters cited this as their greatest IT challenge in 2019. This was chosen above struggles to attract candidates that fit company culture at 17%, and limited recruitment budgets at 16% or high staff churn at 13%.

Hiring managers had a slightly different view than that of HR departments. 30% of this group stated that high IT staff turnover was their biggest challenge, illustrating a discrepancy between those in hiring roles and those working in recruitment departments.

“With or without Brexit, competition to find IT candidates remains high,” explained Graham Smith, head of marketing at Curo Talent. “Although companies believe they have the right tools to compete, high IT staff churn puts immense pressure on the recruitment engine. This is particularly true for in-demand skillsets such as Microsoft Azure.”

Brexit’s impact on the IT skills gap is yet to be fully understood. However, with a predicted reduction in the number of EU candidates in the talent pool, it is recommended that hiring organisations prepare in advance for highly technical IT projects.

Smith added, “The combination of rapidly advancing technology that requires new skills, and uncertainty caused by Brexit, is prompting organisations to consider IT contractors as a solution. They provide the right skills for a specific period of time. No training, no long-term commitment.”

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