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How to streamline your recruitment selection process

Debi Bell, head of HR services of Lanes Group Careers

Effective recruitment is the lifeblood of any growing organisation, but achieving this poses unique challenges. As a business expands, it becomes progressively more difficult to manage your selection process in a way that’s efficient and manageable, and provide every stakeholder with seamless access to the information they require to make the right hiring decisions at the right time.

As such, HR managers are always looking for new ways to help their companies streamline their selection processes to easily keep track of every application and CV they receive, even when trying to do so across multiple branches with their own specific hiring needs.

This isn’t always easy to achieve - but by harnessing the right technology, even nationwide organisations can get their selection processes under control and deliver the smooth access to fresh talent they require to thrive.

The benefits of an applicant tracking system

Lanes Group is intimately familiar with the kind of recruitment challenges that come with operating on a national scale. With 25 offices and depots across the UK, our managers frequently need to undertake interviews at each of our different locations; this can be difficult to coordinate, especially when CVs are also being sent in to individual depots, making it hard to review the progress of each application without our HR leaders having to constantly move between branches to review their paperwork.

At Lanes, investing in an applicant tracking system (ATS) has provided a multifaceted solution to all of these problems, resulting in a transformational streamlining of our selection processes. Our ATS from EasyWeb has allowed us to centralise our HR system and recruitment efforts across all 25 branches, meaning all of the CVs we receive are collated in a single digital database, accessible from any location.

However, an ATS does more than just centralise application data and minimise legwork. With EasyWeb, our HR team has gained a new level of visibility into our recruitment process and performance metrics, allowing us to easily run reports on the number of applications we receive and the success rate of the interviews we hold.

It also provides a formal system for regional managers to provide essential feedback to help further streamline our efforts, rather than the HR team having to chase different people up.

Finding solutions that can scale with your organisation

All of these capabilities offered immediate quick-win solutions for Lanes Group, allowing us to make instant efficiency improvements to existing processes that we already had in place.

However, the key to truly future-proofing your recruitment operations is to make sure you invest in a tech solution that not only addresses your current challenges, but is also fully-featured enough to anticipate needs that your company is likely to develop as it continues to grow.

Smaller firms may rely primarily on their ATS platform’s basic functionality for managing job listings, processing applications and scheduling interviews, while larger and growing organisations may find tools for managing recruitment agency partnerships and Google Analytics reports more useful as their needs become progressively more sophisticated.

By harnessing the right technology in the right way, it will be possible for your company to ensure that your job adverts are going out to the forums where they are most likely to attract attention from the right candidates, and to efficiently filter the resulting applicants according to their experience and suitability.

Doing so will require everyone in your HR team to take the time to educate themselves on how best to make use of all the capabilities of your chosen ATS, but the resulting benefits are well worth the investment.

Embrace proactive solutions

Whichever solution you choose, it’s never too early to proactively embrace solutions that can effectively streamline your recruitment and HR processes.

The modern jobs market is highly competitive, with many sectors facing a shortage of available talent, so the most agile companies have a real opportunity to steal a march on their competition with efficient, responsive recruitment campaigns.

By taking advantage of the latest tech, you can eliminate unnecessary barriers to talent acquisition within your HR structure, and make sure that your recruitment pipeline is delivering a steady flow of skilled candidates that will support your company’s success long into the future.

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