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Salary opportunities in AI

Rob Brouwer, CEO of Jobrapido

Brexit may have taken up more than its fair share of scare-mongering headlines and column inches in the media over the past few weeks and months, but there’s another contender which has vied for the space.  Namely, robots and artificial intelligence coming to take over the world and specifically our jobs. There has even been speculation that robots might have to pay taxes after they steal our job.

Yet, isn’t it time to redress the balance and shift the narrative from the doom and gloom of AI? Anyone specialising in AI /technology recruitment will tell you there are a bounty of AI related jobs – many of which carry big salary tags.

For example, some of the top job positions in the UK AI related market, including data warehouse developer or data architect, can demand an average salary of £69,000 –this is which is 2.5 x higher than the average UK salary (UK average salary £29,588 in 2018. Source: Office For National Statistics) Other jobs in the AI marketplace include data analyst (£56,000 average salary), data scientist (£65,000 average salary), application support engineer (£65,500 average salary), python software developer (£68,000 average salary), java software developer (£67,000 average salary) and front-end developer (£54,000 average salary). There’s a whole range of industries most needing these specific skills including information and communication and professional, scientific and technical activities as well as administration and support service and finance and insurance.

Based on Jobrapido’s statistics over the past year, the most requested is machine learning techniques followed by, in order, Python, Big Data JavaScript and C/C++.* The most popular recent UK search terms during Feb-March 2019 this year were ‘Java’, ‘data analyst/data’; ‘research scientist’ and ‘data scientist’.

Yet, the big issue right now is despite the bounty of AI jobs, there are not enough potential employees in the UK with the right skills. AI jobs require a wide range of disciplines and tasks and there are very few professionals who can master more than one discipline. How many of the UK workforce have an idea of what a specific AI role entails or how a career path in AI could pan out?

I think there’s a big need for the recruiting world (in addition to schools, universities, industry bodies and Governments across the world) to raise awareness about the employment opportunities available and the type of skills, training and qualifications needed.

It’s time to mobilise, to educate and, crucially, excite, more school-leavers, graduates and perhaps others looking for a new career. This is a pivotal time for those in the AI/technology recruitment world.  A chance to take to the lead and/or support the ever-growing AI industry.

By being accountable, perhaps then we can bridge the gap where demand outstrips supply and enter a positive new AI era.

Picture courtesy of Pixabay

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