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European firms vying for US-honed tech leadership, TritonExec reveals

American senior executives responsible for developing some of the world’s most successful technology brands, specifically over the past decade, are in high demand at European companies seeking new leadership, according to record executive search assignments requirements.

European-based private equity firms, primarily in the technology sector, comprise the single largest industry leading this trend. They seek to repurpose current and existing businesses, bolstered by experienced executives who have guided their former companies through rapid growth over the past decade.

Data from TritonExec indicates a 45% increase in search assignments are specifically for senior executives who have led successful high-growth US tech brands over the past ten to 15 years. New roles include heads of corporate strategy, human resources, and supply chain – all with the goal of reaching multiple diverse customer base through multiple channels.

Head of TritonExec in the US, Abe Doctor (pictured), commented, “The past 15 years has seen the rise of the high-growth, hyper-scale, billion dollar success stories come out of the US European companies, particularly ambitious private equity firms, want to emulate the success of these US-grown tech brands and therefore seek experienced operators who have proven their worth as their companies proved solid and stable growth over this period.

“There are numerous advantages for everyone – US executives who have helped shaped brands such as Palintir, Amazon, Uber, Netflix, AirBNB, & PayPal for example, will be able to move up to the next level of leadership.

 “With FinTech as the predominant sector driving this trend, we are seeing former Fortune 500 executives join these new SMEs to drive leadership at all levels.”

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