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GLAA serves LMEU to man in Devon

A man has been prevented from supplying workers without a licence following investigations by the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) in Devon.

The man, a Romanian national living in Sidmouth, has been served with a Labour Market Enforcement Undertaking (LMEU) after providing labour to food processing factories through a recruitment agency. The LMEU has been signed and will remain in place for one year.

LMEUs were introduced as part of the Immigration Act in November 2016. They can be imposed when someone breaches the law.

The GLAA currently has 15 active LMEUs along with the UK's first Labour Market Enforcement Order (LMEO) for a couple who supplied workers to food factories in Leicester without a licence.

GLAA director of operations, Ian Waterfield, said, "Our responsibility is to protect vulnerable and exploited workers. Suspected unlicensed activity in our regulated sectors is something we will not tolerate.

"Where we have reason to believe an individual is not complying with our licensing regime, we will act to ensure they follow the regulations."

Picture courtesy of Pixabay

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