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UK workers think businesses not doing enough to help them manage stress, research finds

The majority (90%) of stressed employees say that being able to better cope with stress would have a positive impact on their performance at work, and their overall wellbeing (93%). Despite this, nearly half (46%) think their business doesn’t provide them with the resources to cope with stress.

The research, by Lane4, also found that 38% don’t feel comfortable talking to their manager or employer about how stressed they are feeling. Added to that, a fifth (20%) of UK employees believe their stress levels have increased over the past two years because there’s less information and support available today.

In this context, UK workers are trying to cope with stress by taking care of themselves physically (56%) (e.g. going for a walk, exercising and eating healthily etc.) and mentally (58%) (e.g. meditating, reaching out to friends etc.).

Adrian Moorhouse, managing director at Lane4, commented, “The fact that excessive stress contributes to poor performance is well known, so it’s surprising that so many people say their employer isn’t providing the resources to help them manage stress. Peoples’ own efforts to improve their physical and mental health should be encouraged, but they need to go hand in hand with support from their employer if they are to have a real impact.

“Pressure doesn’t need to turn into stress if businesses give employees the tools and strategies to harness it. Alongside helping employees understand what causes them to feel stressed, and how they can deal with this, it’s important that HR and leadership teams support managers in knowing how to best help their team deal with pressure.”

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