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New partnership will help future proof recruitment and staffing professionals

ALWAYS keen to use the most efficient and useful tools to help those in the recruitment and staffing sector future-proof their business and brand, RCSA has partnered with Gooroo to offer its solution for a number of programs and initiatives the peak industry body provides its members across Australia and New Zealand.


RCSA has been offering its PEARL (Professional, Emerging & Aspiring Recruitment Leaders) mentoring program for some years now and the partnership with Gooroo starts with this program.


“As the world of work more rapidly changes, illuminating where an individual’s thinking preferences are more comfortable or challenged in certain environments, roles, teams and tasks becomes more important,” Michael Walmsley, VP of Commercial with Gooroo.


“Change is happening at a more rapid rate than ever. When we better understand our mindset, and how we approach change, we can be more effective at managing and leading it.


“The unique tools we use to understand a person's thinking preferences is mapped to the Gooroo ColourGrid™ , which helps facilitate the creation of meaningful and collaborative relationships between people.”


To date, more than 300 RCSA members from Australia and New Zealand have completed the 12-month mentoring program with applications now open for the 2019 program.


“The PEARL mentoring program allows the seasoned professionals in our sector to mentor, encourage, teach and empower the next generation of leaders or aspiring leaders,” RCSA CEO Charles Cameron explained.


“To do that, we are lucky to have some of the best in the business apply to be mentors and those they work with are receiving an education about the business they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.


“Because of its importance, we value any technology or tools we can use which allow us to enrich the experience between mentors and mentees and that is what Gooroo will be helping us do.”


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