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The influence of AI on recruiting

Kelly Barcelos, digital marketing manager for Jobsoid - Applicant Tracking System

The new-age recruitment strategies are evolving at a stunning pace. So much so that most recruiters are struggling to keep pace with evolving tools and recruitment tactics. It is very important that recruiters adapt and embrace AI if they want to excel at what they do. For those who still haven’t started using AI to their advantage, here’s how they can acquire top talent at a much faster rate with artificial intelligence.

Advantages of using artificial intelligence in recruitment

  1. Saves time by automating the recruitment process

Recruiters are super busy people. They are constantly juggling between data entry, candidate screening, and interview scheduling while trying to understand the talent needs of every department and getting things done on time.

But unfortunately, these high-volume repetitive recruitment tasks never get done on time. This is where using AI helps. AI acts as an assistant that does all the legwork on your behalf – from posting jobs and sending emails to screening resumes and scheduling interviews so you stay free for conducting interviews!


  1. Ensures a positive candidate experience with AI-powered engagement

Artificial intelligence ensures that your potential candidates remain informed and updated about their progress at every stage. With AI, your candidates will never be clueless. They will get all the answers and information they want easily and in real-time. AI will eliminate every bottleneck in the communication process and improve the candidate experience.

  1. Reduces recruitment cost by creating an effective sourcing funnel

Recruitment is a costly endeavour and so you want to ensure that you are investing your time, effort, and resources in the right individual. AI reduces the need to hire additional recruiters or interviewers while ensuring open positions are filled by the right candidates. By hiring the right fit, recruiters can reduce training and rehiring costs and bring down the attrition rate.

  1. Accelerates the time-to-hire with smart filter intelligence 

If you want to hire the right candidate for an open position, you need to be quicker than your competitors. But you also don’t want to hire the very first person who comes along. Striking a perfect balance between personality, knowledge, and skills is not always possible when you are managing the recruitment process manually. But when you are using

How AI is redefining the recruitment process

  1. AI shifts the focus from reactive backfilling to proactive hiring

Using artificial intelligence in recruitment to automate repetitive manual tasks will ensure recruiters have more time at their disposal to build meaningful relationships with potential candidates and close more top choice candidates.

  1. AI frees up valuable time that can be invested in more important things

The innovations in AI for hiring include smart filter intelligence that automates candidate screening, automated emails and text messages that keep candidates informed about their progress in real-time and video interviews that accelerate and ease the interview process for both the parties.

  1. AI uses KPIs to improve the quality of hires  

AI allows recruiters to leverage accurate reports that give real-time insights into the bigger picture. This enables recruiters to focus their efforts in the right direction and follow the right leads for maximum conversions. Analytics make it much easier to determine whether a candidate is suitable for a certain role and facilitate better hiring decisions.

However, using artificial intelligence in recruitment is not without downsides. The 3 biggest challenges of using artificial intelligence in recruitment are – it requires a lot of data to learn how to screen the right fit as accurately as a human does, it can learn human biases over time and training the HR staff to adopt artificial intelligence can be a little challenging.

But, if you weigh the benefits of using AI for automating the recruitment process, they far outweigh the challenges.   

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