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27% of Australian employees rate their work life balance as poor, The Adecco Group finds

Over one third (38%) of Australian employees are regularly working in excess of nine hours per day, according to research by The Adecco Group. This is an additional seven hours per week when compared to a standard 38-hour work week. In addition, 60% of workers regularly worry about work when they are away from the office and 27% rate their work life balance as poor.

Rafael Moyano, CEO in Australia for The Adecco Group, commented, “With people spending more and more time at work, it is important for businesses to review their workplace and promote work-life balance amongst their staff.”

Work life balance significantly impacts the mental wellbeing of staff members; however, workplaces could be doing more to support the physical wellbeing of their teams as well. 23% of respondents indicated that unhealthy food is available in their workplace daily whilst 12% are eating more due to junk food being readily available. A further 41% of workers said it was very important to them that their work encourage physical activity amongst staff.

Moyano added, “Creating a workplace where physical activity is encouraged provides significant benefits to the business.  Through enabling a regular program where staff can team up and go for runs and walks throughout the day encourages collaboration, communication and innovative thinking - it is a win: win.”

The Adecco Group embraces their partnership with Plan International through their Win4Youth program, where you can track kilometres or time spent doing any sport to make a long-lasting difference to young people across the world.  In 2018, The Adecco Group donated more than $700,000 AUD to improve the workforce readiness for disadvantaged young women in the IT sector.

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