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52% of over-35s feel undervalued in their current role, survey finds

As the importance of appealing to older generations of workers becomes clear, a survey by Cheeky Munkey has revealed that workplaces are still placing far too much focus on millennials.

The company surveyed professionals aged 35-64 from across 122 workplaces to see how valued and motivated older employees feel. The results revealed that 61% of those surveyed had received no training at all from their employer in the last year, with no difference reported between men and women. This percentage only increases with age - reaching 76% for those aged 55-64. 

52% of those surveyed felt underused in their current role, and 51% felt that their age made them less likely to move jobs. In order to reverse this attitude, there is scope for recruiters to place a renewed focus on the skills of over-35s and make real changes to recruitment processes.

The survey also shows surprising similarities and differences in how 35-64 year olds search for jobs, when compared with data from millennials. Online jobs boards such as Indeed and Monster ranked higher among older workers (69% use them) than younger workers (52%). Digital recruitment companies, however, were used by just 32% of those over 35 compared with 65% of millennials.

Where there is room for improvement in recruitment processes, the priorities of over-35s and millennials are strikingly similar across the board. 53% and 59% respectively said that more transparency around salaries would make the interviewing process better.

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