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52% of women feel empowered in the workplace, according to survey

A large majority of women feel empowered, well-managed and fairly treated in their roles, according to a survey conducted by

In fact, just over half of women (52%) surveyed said they feel empowered at work and 54% agree they are paid fairly. When it comes to advancement in the workplace, The Knowledge Academy learned 59% of respondents are offered training in their place of work, while a further 65% are encouraged to attend training of any kind.

There was a positive response to questions on management too. 69% of women surveyed said their manager does provide the resources needed to succeed and an even greater 77% said their manager helps them to balance their work and personal demands.

Over half (54%) of respondents added their manager creates opportunities for them to showcase their work, while 77% believe their manager promotes their contributions to others.

Although the majority of the feedback from their survey ‘Women in the Workplace 2019’ is encouraging, The Knowledge Academy found there are still challenges to overcome in certain areas.

For example:

  • 69% of women feel they have had their judgement questioned in their area of expertise.
  • 77% of women feel they have had to prove their ability in the workplace more than others.
  • 65% of women say they have been addressed in a less than professional way when at work.
  • 65% of women feel they have had their work contributions ignored.

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