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TALiNT Partners launches Recruitment Agency Benchmark programme

TALiNT Partners has launched its unique Recruitment Agency Benchmark programme


Following the successful launch of a similar programme for employers in 2018 and with input from a number of leading industry figures, the Agency Benchmark programme enables recruitment industry leaders to benchmark both their client service and internal processes in a rigorous and independent way. This helps them  better understand how their services align with their clients as well as being able to compare themselves to their peers in the recruitment industry.


The Recruitment Agency Benchmark programme  is open to agencies of any size - from start-ups to the largest  players in the UK and covers  temp, contract and permanent recruitment.


There are two levels of participation, both free to enter. The first offers agencies an ‘Instant Benchmark’ in a matter of seconds, giving a high-level indication of performance. The second provides much more in-depth feedback and typically takes around an hour to complete. 


The Benchmark is based on a maturity model approach which asks agencies to rank themselves against a wide range of relevant activities. As individual results are entirely confidential, with participants only ever seeing their own scores, you can be confident in answering the questions objectively and accurately.

The programme runs until September when an in-depth report on the key finding will be provided to all participants. The benchmark itself is completely confidential and independent, the report benefits from the sponsorship of Access Group.


Ken Brotherston, managing director of TALiNT Partners, said, “We have created the most comprehensive benchmark programme for the recruitment industry to enable agency leaders to better understand their performance against their peers in a rigorous, and confidential way. By focusing on a number of insights from our Employer Benchmark programme we have also been able to construct the benchmark to ensure it helps agencies stay relevant to the needs of their clients.”


Jason Martin, head of strategy for Access Recruitment, shared, “When speaking with recruitment businesses we advise them to think bigger than focusing on a single problem, a single system or silo-ed department within their organisation. In practice this means, rather than thinking ‘we need to replace our CRM’, ‘we need to process more candidates faster’, to consider the data gaps and pinpoint where their processes are inefficient.


“Our aim for the Recruitment Benchmark Programme is to help recruiters not only understand where they sit in the market but think more holistically, understand how they can improve operational efficiency and deliver more value to clients, candidates and their own staff.”


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