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What do employees look for from a modern-day tech organisation?

Penny Emmett, chief customer officer at Cranford Group

As technology firms continue to innovate at breakneck speeds, it’s easy to see why many struggle to take the time to understand what a talented employee now sees as an attractive place to work. Across the globe, digitally savvy individuals are transforming the ways in which people and enterprises operate. They’re pushing boundaries online and disrupting the market daily. And, businesses are not only having to keep up with how staff are evolving, but they’re also required to swiftly modify their employment models to meet today’s needs.

Why upskilling is vital

Big salaries and city locations are often no longer a desire for the modern-day worker. Why? Because they want so much more from their careers. Employees are now typically more interested in knowing how their firms are keeping up with digital trends and what their ambitions are to truly ‘break the mould’.

They want to understand the long-term vision and find out how a business will support them in their own personal development. What training can they expect, in order to meet the ever-evolving tech landscape? Is the organisation providing the tools to upskill in the Internet of Things, 5G and Edge computing? If not, why not?

Being agile and fostering balance

And, whilst living in an ‘always on’ culture, there’s a far greater need for people to work from anywhere during flexible hours to suit them – and without a long commute.

With email notifications at their fingertips and video conferencing just a FaceTime call away, the traditional ‘9-5’ is drastically taking a hit – and many people feel like they can never switch off from their devices. Always connected in some way, employees are often looking for balance between their professional and personal lives.

Therefore, an enterprise willing to offer flexibility – not only in terms of working hours, but the freedom to work outside the office’s four walls – can often be a huge draw for tech talent.

A happy atmosphere can breed success

And, in addition to skillsets and agile employment models, people do really care about the environment they work in. That means they require a culture that’s positive, motivational, inspirational and collaborative.

Therefore, understanding how every voice wants to be heard, and ensuring that each person believes they are making a valuable contribution towards a company’s success, can prove to be pivotal for organisations wanting to attract the very best talent.

Fostering a culture of togetherness, in order to effectively disrupt the market or develop a fresh product, are crucial towards growth aspirations too.

Resourcing the right people

In the same breath, employers must be focused on bringing in characters who can truly make a difference. They should be targeting personalities with ambitious attitudes – candidates who have personable client-facing skills and are able to translate technical nous into everyday language.

Several factors determine the next steps that employees take in their digital careers. And, it often comes down to so much more than salary or location. A flexible firm, whose workforce is encouraged to set the bar high, can be vitally important in attracting contemporary tech talent.

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