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Venturi launches off-payroll reform strategy for contractors and clients

Venturi has launched VenturiOPRaaS, an Off-Payroll Reform (OPR) strategy, aiming to minimise the challenge for both end-users and contractors. 

Working with external consultancies, tax and legal advisors, Venturi has invested heavily in partnerships with industry experts to build a solution that is compliant and can mitigate the risks associated with OPR for end-users/clients and contractors.


This solution involves a multi-step approach of reviewing, auditing, assessing the contractor population and indemnifying outside workers with bespoke insurance. 


At the centre of the VenturiOPRaaS strategy is a determination tool, backed by a contractor tax and insurance specialist. The VenturiOPRaaS tool has been built based on case law IR35 tribunals since 2000.


VenturiOPRaaS has human intervention; a tax expert, not just an algorithm and each and every case is reviewed individually - ensuring contractors have a determination that is aligned to their individual assignment and hiring managers stay within the reasonable care clause with determinations.


Daniel Thornton, Venturi’s UK contract director, said, “For the past 8 months, I have been working with external consultancies, tax and legal advisors on our OPR strategy.


“We want to ensure our clients have continued access to the best talent in the contractor market and manage the potential associated increases in cost and risk.


“We’re going to be supporting our clients through these changes in legislation, which bring some potential challenges. If managed appropriately, these changes can be seen as a great opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and become the workplace of choice for the best contractors.”


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