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CEIPAL acquires Zoniac

CEIPAL has acquired Zoniac, an ATS platform for recruiting and consulting firms. This acquisition creates a larger, more experienced software engineering team with capacity to grow and develop these platforms as the company expands its operations in India and the global market. The Zoniac team adds expertise and manpower to support CEIPAL's growth and development goals, enabling them to better serve customers.

“We’re thrilled to bring on the Zoniac team’s ATS expertise, experience, and insights,” said CEIPAL founder, Sameer Penakalapati. “We’re confident that the move will enhance CEIPAL’s offerings, grow our position in the staffing industry, and better serve our shared customer base.”

Once the existing Zoniac team is harmonised with CEIPAL in the Chennai area, CEIPAL plans to make additional local hires for sales and other key positions. By building on Zoniac’s success, the goal is to make its location the seat of CEIPAL’s new Chennai operations.

“We are excited about the opportunities this partnership opens for the team at Zoniac to achieve even greater success in the staffing and recruiting industry,” said Vittal Srimushnam, president and CEO of Zoniac. “Our team will have immediate access to a national sales force, some of the world’s most innovative engineers, and a plethora of financial, marketing, and development resources worldwide.”

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