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70% say interpersonal, rather than technical, skills more difficult to master

Research from Tempo has discovered the effects bad people skills have in the workplace. They include losing clients and customers (32%), receiving complaints from co-workers (33%) and a decrease in productivity (31.4%). This is part of the company’s ‘Master of More’ campaign.

Despite the majority (69.9%) of business owners saying that interpersonal skills are more difficult to master than technical skills, only 10% spent more money on training on interpersonal skills than technical skills. 61.8% of employers said they would reject a candidate based on their interpersonal skills, rather than investing money into training employees.

Ben Chatfield, CEO and co-founder at Tempo, stated, “Our results show that despite their name, soft skills aren’t all that ‘soft’ to master. There’s a skills shortage plaguing British scale-ups -- and it’s not the tech one which gets a lot of airtime. We’ve found not only do poor people skills cause tension within the workplace and impede productivity -- it’s hampering business growth. Fast-growing business owners must prioritise people skills -- and fast.” 

The most desired soft skills are communication skills (41.2%), creativity (40%), time management (38.8%), problem solving (37%), multi-tasking (34.4%). Employers are also looking for all-rounders, rather than specialists (61.2%).

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