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37% believe more training is needed around technological change

Workers today are focused on utilising technology to make their working and everyday lives better, according to Hays Talent Solutions.

The company polled 14,500 working professionals and found that 90% of UK workers think that technology will change their workplace and their everyday lives for the better. Half (one in two) felt that digital technology advances will enable workers to add greater human value to organisations. The survey found that almost three quarters (73%) of employees are open to digital transformation, although under half believe their organisation’s technological change pace is fast enough.

A fifth think that technological change is happening too fast. The key here is training – 37% think there needs to be more of this, despite over half (55%) of businesses having internal training and improved employee communications in place.

Employers today are struggling to find the skills they need in the current workforce. This is despite over a third of Generation Z (32% of men and 21% of women) believing they are ‘experts’ at using technology. Less than a tenth (9%) of employers think there would be no challenges when they try to implement automation in their company. Challenges companies expect to face include lack of skills from current staff (58%), lack of support from staff (37%), and the need for additional budget (31%).

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