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Kite Support launches to enhance employees’ resilience during COVID-19

Kite Support, an app to support leaders’ and employees’ mental wellbeing during the COVID-19 crisis, has launched. The resource has been launched by New Zealand company The Kite Program. Rhonda D’Ambrosio, founder of Mental Health in Recruitment and transformation director at ebenable, and Hannah Hardy-Jones, founder and CEO of The Kite Program, came together to start up the app.

D’Ambrosio said, “This is an unparalleled time for business and leadership around the globe, we are in unchartered territory when it comes to managing and supporting people through this time.  With so many employees working from home, work life balance has taken on new meaning and having practical and accessible tools to tackle the variety of challenges that COVID-19 poses is vital.

“We recognise there is support out there in terms of general mental health, but leaders and employees need specific resilience and professional development to navigate the recovery of COVID-19. With talk of a recession, now more than ever, workers need helpful, easy-to-access business-related resources to get through this challenging and uncertain time.”

The platform, which encourages microlearning, offers 27 five-day modules (called ‘kites’), which is the equivalent of over 30 working weeks of content. Kite Support is broken down into four key areas; personal wellbeing, social wellbeing, leadership, and new ways of working.

Hardy-Jones shared, “This is about getting business support to those who need it. There is an abundance of information being released across all channels which can be very overwhelming for people. Kite Support is a personal and calming resource that encourages the user to implement new skills effectively, away from the buzz of social media and the news, and of course to be successful during this challenging time.”

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