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79% of employees value option to work flexibly

Randstad has released its 20th Employer Brand Research, which despite being concluded in January, reflects demands on the working world during the COVID-19 crisis.

The survey found that whilst an attractive salary and benefits are the most important factor when choosing an employer, other factors are rising in importance. 79% of respondents want the option to work flexibly, and 72% want to be able to work from home. 44% also said that job security was their most important factor when choosing a job.

Whilst compensation and benefits are important to all employees across the world, in North America and Asia Pacific, work-life balance is very important (45% and 47% respectively). In the Commonwealth of Independent States, they value the financial health of the employer (58%) while across Europe, a pleasant work atmosphere is important. For employees in Latin America, they value career progression (52%).

Whilst Generation Z value a pleasant work environment (42%) over job security (36%), boomers value shorter commuting times (49%). A good work-life balance is important to both Gen X (47%) and millennials (44%).

“Amid the disruption and economic uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, each of these factors has become even more relevant than ever to workers,” said Jos Schut, Randstad’s chief human resources officer. “Even before the crisis unfolded, our research indicated a gradual shift in worker preference for more flexibility and remote arrangements. The pandemic will simply accelerate these trends and lead employers to adapt to a new world of work.”

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