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95% of employees see benefits of working from home

Almost all employees (95%) are seeing benefits from working from home, according to a survey by Tiger Recruitment. Despite 46% of employees having never worked from home before, 87% say it has had a positive impact on their work. Employees report being more adaptable (46%) and being open to new ways of doing things (41%).

Employees also report being less stressed (32%), being more productive (25%) and being able to concentrate better (22%). On the flip side, one of the major challenges for 55% of employees was the lack of social interaction. Employees also reported working more than they should (27%).

David Morel, CEO of Tiger Recruitment, said, “Our research and our own experience during the coronavirus outbreak show that working remotely can be effective. People tell us they miss the social interaction of office life and this is undoubtedly amplified by social distancing measures. The key is for companies to learn from this period of enforced homeworking, to understand what has worked for their employees and what needs to be improved. This will put them in a strong position post-lockdown, helping them capitalize on the business benefits of a more flexible way of working in the longer term.”

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