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Companies investing in social distancing measures for safe return to work

As some sectors across the UK begin to return to work following the lockdown, companies are more focused than ever on abiding by social distancing rules to keep all staff safe and healthy.


Dale Office Interiors and iotspot have developed an app which will enable staff to book desk space in the office. Employees are able to view and book available desk space from home, with admins then blocking out the surrounding space. The company hopes the app will help to avoid unnecessary commutes to the office for staff when there is no available desk space.


Recruitment company VHR has also been developing a suite of options to support social distancing measures, from desk dividers and partitions to appropriate signage and queuing system support. The company is using the T3 modular system, which is reconfigurable, quick and easy to build, modular, and customisable to suit different environments. Some of the offerings can be branded and are also transparent.


David Bricknell, managing director at Dale Office Interiors, explained, “The chances are, when lockdown ends, there will still be measures in place to control the spread of COVID-19, and a key challenge for many companies will be ensuring that employees can maintain the recommended social distancing protocols when they return to work. Bottom line here: too many people in the office will put these protocols under stress.


“It might well be the case that desks that are closer than two metres apart can’t be occupied at the same time, meaning the office can’t fit as many staff in it as it did before coronavirus. Obviously, with everyone trying to get their businesses back on track, no one is looking to increase their overheads by moving to a bigger office, so a smart solution is necessary.


“We’re proud to be working with iotspot to help businesses manage their office occupancy, providing them with the tools they need to safely transition the workforce back into office-based working.”  


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