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Why to comply

How can recruiters stay on top of compliance, in the UK and internationally, to gain a competitive advantage and deliver more value to clients?

Michelle Reilly, CEO, 6CATS International and Founder of 6CATSPRO:

“Agencies who step up and promote their knowledge will have a competitive advantage. End-users/clients worldwide are now regularly stipulating how they want contractors engaged, so being able to promote a depth of local solution knowledge will be a valuable sales tool.

“There are some who aren’t up to date in terms of compliance from an international perspective, but it’s not through a deliberate choice. In many instances, it’s simply a case of not having the network or resources to deal with legislation changes on a scale or at a rate that’s required.

“Business owners’ attitudes is what will define how well equipped a recruitment company is. Communicating from a ‘Top Down’ position, having a genuine understanding of the real-world implications of non-compliance, and a commitment to utilise expert partners will be crucial.”

Stephen Rookes, Group Commercial & Legal Director, NES Global Talent:

“Our global structure means we are well equipped to respond rapidly to any compliance and legislation changes wherever or whenever they occur. We have over 30 dedicated compliance personnel delivering expertise in commercial & legal, risk, HSE, quality, data protection and insurances.

“Local NES teams keep fully abreast of regional legislation changes and can use our global infrastructure and support teams to respond appropriately and comprehensively when required. In the UK, for example, when IR35 was delayed, I was able to draft an immediate communication to all NES Global Talent clients and contractors on how this would affect them and what actions they needed to take in light of the delay.”

Lisa Meredith, Group Head of Compliance at gap personnel:

“Within gap personnel it is clearly understood that every individual is responsible for upholding compliance principles as part of our ethical practices. To support this we have a central compliance team who are mobile across our national network, each with their own specialism within compliance, for which they are responsible for ensuring they are up to date with the latest regulatory requirements, and delivering the necessary training and upskilling to our operational teams.

“We invest heavily in both our internal compliance team, and training and development programmes for our employees, which enables them to advise our customers on changing legislation and requirements. We offer clients compliance training sessions and professional advisor workshops on areas such as proof of right to work, the Apprenticeship Levy and GDPR, and legislation specific documentation with guides that explain upcoming changes and discusses their implications.”

Jason Martin, Head of Strategy at The Access Group:

With the constantly changing legislation and with new options for extensions and delays, it’s especially hard to keep track right now. On top of that managing furlough arrangements which so many are dealing with can be a challenge.

Our advice to recruitment businesses is to lean on their pay and bill providers to handle to this to ensure compliance with the HMRC and other regulations and free them up to focus on delivering more value to clients.

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