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54% of workers fear losing their job because of COVID-19

Over half (54%) of workers globally are worried about losing their jobs because of COVID-19, according to research by Randstad. The research also found that 64% say the pandemic has negatively affected their job security.

Just over half (52%) of workers think their employer would help them to find another job and only 33% think they could rely on government support if they became unemployed.

“Government schemes in many countries around the world have temporarily protected a large number of jobs. However, this is not sustainable and it’s clear that many jobs that existed before COVID-19, are not coming back. Among the work that may eventually return, it could take years to reach pre-outbreak levels,” said Jacques van den Broek, CEO of Randstad.

“The pandemic has upended many market norms and expectations. More than ever, workers need to learn new skills to fit into evolving businesses. To reduce mass global unemployment, private and public sectors will have to collaborate more closely than ever to help the temporarily displaced from becoming permanently displaced. Reskilling is no longer a tool for career advancement but for survival.”

Despite the uncertainty created by COVID-19, 83% of respondents believe they’ve adapted to the challenges of the new way of working, and 79% have been supported by their employer to be able to do their job digitally.

Although a large proportion of employees (63%) believe that COVID-19 has had a negative impact on their work, at the same time, the vast majority (83%) say they have adapted to the challenges of the new working situation and have been equipped by their employers (79%) to do their jobs digitally. 

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