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60% of tech professionals have mental health concerns

Three fifths (60%) of tech professionals have been or are concerned about their mental health, up 16% since before the pandemic, according to a study by Harvey Nash. One in three (36%) say their mental health has deteriorated during COVID-19.

Around a quarter (27%) of people are concerned about their mental wellbeing now. Of those, 35% reveal this is the first time they’ve been concerned about their mental health.

One in ten believe that stress is negatively affecting their work. For those employees working for unsupportive companies, 75% say they have been or are concerned about their mental health.

Chris Seel, director at Harvey Nash Group, said, “Our research reveals the extent of the mental health challenge facing the tech sector – and, by extension, the whole of the UK business community. The ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic are far-reaching and people are already feeling the strain, many of them for the first time. Whilst it’s encouraging that the majority of businesses have increased the levels of support they provide, there remains much further to go.

“Employers are frequently good at introducing informal support mechanisms such as online resources or voluntary networks, but providing formal support such as counselling is harder to do and costlier as well. With staff having moved to remote working – and likely to spend more time working remotely on an ongoing basis – the task becomes more difficult still. With less face-to-face contact, it is harder for managers to pick up on the signs that someone is struggling. Individuals are less likely to reach out for support if that first, immensely difficult conversation needs to be by phone or video call. Mental health support becomes much more difficult at the time when it is needed most.”

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