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More proactive approach to customer service needed following COVID-19 crisis

Three quarters (74.5%) of employers in the hospitality, retail, travel and aviation say their staff feel anxious and stressed in light of the COVID-19 crisis, according to a report by People 1st International.

In a post-COVID-19 world, the skills and behaviours employers say will be vital include a more proactive approach to customer service (90.8%), developing new techniques such as active listening (80.8%), persuading people to change their attitudes or behaviours (74.9%), and bringing people together to reconcile differences (65.7%).

Sandra Kelly, UK director of People 1st International, said, “The pandemic is changing the status-quo and will act a catalyst for sweeping changes when it comes to resilience, agility, preparedness, culture change and being competitive. This means that new skills are essential and that CEOs and CFOs will need to prioritise the recommendations of their HRDs and training and development professionals.

“Regardless of business size, people are the greatest asset and are the key to economic recovery. Employers who have treated their people well in this period and are now training them for the return, will not only recover more quickly but will also be stronger and more agile moving forward.”

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