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Remote work searches up 60% since March

Job searches for remote work have increased by 60% globally since March, according to data from LinkedIn. Views of remote jobs on LinkedIn in the UK were 2.5 times higher than in March, with applications up 189%. Employers are also adapting to these demands, with job postings for remote work 3.7 time higher than in March, up 277%.

The most applied for remote jobs in the UK include head of marketing, data analyst and national account manager.

Other research from LinkedIn recently found that 54% of those who had been working from home during lockdown would like the opportunity to do so more regularly in the future, and these stats seem to support this.

When working from home, 25% of people feel under pressure to respond more quickly to emails and LinkedIn’s respondents report doing an extra 28 hours a month in overtime since lockdown. Despite working more, 24% said they had ore time for exercise, 17% are eating more healthily and 44% feel more connected to their family when working from home.

Janine Chamberlin, director at LinkedIn, said, “It’s clear that people want more flexibility when it comes to work. They want to be able to decide for themselves when to work from the office and when to work from home, depending on their work and life commitments. For those that can do it, it’s likely that remote working will increasingly become the norm as Covid-19 proves to companies that their employees can still be productive, regardless of where they work. Companies that offer greater flexibility will benefit from improved engagement and loyalty, and have access to broader and more diverse talent pools as they become unconstrained by location.”

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