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Revealed: UK’s working from home hotspots

London, Manchester and Edinburgh are the UK’s top cities for working from home, new international research reveals.

And, regionally, you are more likely to be working remotely if you are in the South-East or the North-West.

Those were the top UK findings of a fascinating global breakdown of more than 10 million Instagram posts tagged with #WorkFromHome conducted by small business credit specialist Headway Capital in response to the major shift towards home-working prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Internationally, Indonesian capital Jakarta topped the list of working from home hotspots, followed by New York and London. Other cities that rounded out the top 10 were Los Angeles, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangkok, Toronto as well as Indonesia’s Bandung and Surabaya.

The United States topped the country list for home working, followed by Indonesia and India. Top continents are North America, Asia and Europe.

As with the US, the list of top cities in the UK is roughly comparable to the list of most populous. It’s unsurprising, then, that London is the biggest centre for remote working, which is facilitated by 1,680 coffee houses with free Wi-Fi, along with 271 dedicated co-working spaces, according to the Headway report.

ONS data shows almost half of UK adults in employment were working from home as of April.

Headway has created an interactive global remote working map to demonstrate their findings – you can zoom in on an area of interest with your fingertips or mouse. You can hover over any of the home working hotspots to identify the place and the number of Instagram posts associated with the location. And, if you’re currently working from home, they advise you to take your time – after all, there’s nobody looking over your shoulder to tell you to get back to work.

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